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How to Increase Telegram Members : Top Best Free Ways

How to increase Telegram subscribers and group members

Telegram app as an excellent platform for promoting a company, personal brand, or blog, holding a position among the top 5 global messengers with approximately 700 million monthly users. However, unlike platforms such as TikTok, building a subscriber base from the ground up on Telegram proves to be more challenging. Typically employed as a social network, Telegram is often seen as a channel for migrating an existing audience rather than effortlessly attracting new subscribers. Nonetheless, the platform is dynamic, offering effective strategies to boost Telegram subscribers continually.

Effective ways to increase Telegram Members

Explore both paid and free methods to increase Telegram subscribers. Initially, focus on strategies that align well when you already possess an audience on other platforms:

Adding Telegram subscribers manually

Given that Telegram is fundamentally a messenger, one effective method to increase channel members is through manual additions. This involves adding individuals from your contact list or those with whom you have previously engaged in communication.

How to do it:

  1. Open channel settings
  2. Go to the "Subscribers" section
  3. Add users

Links in social media

The traditional approach remains effective, but incorporating some strategic elements can enhance your subscriber growth. Consider integrating a link to your Telegram channel across your social media platforms. Utilize your posts and Stories to actively invite friends and followers, leveraging the accessibility of Telegram tools that facilitate the quick and direct sharing of channel links. Additionally, take advantage of free multi-link services like Taplink, SocProfile, or Linktree. These platforms are invaluable in the initial stages, offering a streamlined way to increase Telegram subscribers by providing a centralized hub for your audience to discover and join your channel.

Use ready-made

Absolutely, leveraging your existing online presence is crucial. If you have a website or a landing page catering to potential buyers, it's essential to incorporate a link or banner that directs visitors to your Telegram channel and other social networks. Don't overlook the potential of your email marketing strategy—consider appending a link and a compelling call-to-action at the conclusion of your emails or newsletters. This approach ensures that your Telegram presence is prominently featured across various touchpoints, maximizing the chances of attracting and converting potential subscribers.

QR code

Absolutely, QR codes are a highly underrated and cost-effective tool, especially for businesses with offline or partially offline operations. Incorporating a QR code with a clear call-to-action encouraging Telegram subscription is a smart move. Place these codes in visible locations, whether on physical premises, packaging, boxes, or even on street poles. The goal is to seize potential interest from passersby or customers.

To sweeten the deal, consider offering incentives for customers who subscribe via the QR code. Providing discounts for new subscribers or regular promotional codes within your Telegram channel can be enticing. People are drawn to value, so offering them a "barter" in the form of discounts or promotions can significantly boost subscriber acquisition and foster customer loyalty.

Buy Telegram Members

Now let's pay attention to the methods that are suitable if you don't yet have an audience on other sites:

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